Unavoidable School Closures

Emergency Closure at the beginning of the school day


In the event of severe or adverse weather conditions, including heavy snowfall, local flooding, etc. a decision may be taken to close the school for all or part of the day.  Should this be the case, parents/carers will receive text messages from school. There will also be messages displayed on the home page of the website. It is therefore, very important that we have the correct mobile number on record. If you have changed your contact details please ensure you inform the school office.

We will inform you of any closures as soon as possible and we will always attempt to make a decision by 7.45am.


Emergency Closure during the school day


One of the joys of Helmsley is the beautiful, rural, moorland environment that surrounds us however, this can lead to quite localized winter weather. As many parents live in rural locations on the moors or other isolated areas, you may feel that local conditions at your home are becoming a concern. If this is the case, you may contact the school to arrange to collect your child early.


In the very unlikely event that we have to close the school during the school day because of deteriorating weather conditions, we will contact parents via text message or telephone to inform you. It is very important to ensure you have contingency plans in place for this situation.


As a last resort, pupils can usually stay with us until the end of the school day, however on very rare occasions the police instruct us to close during the day and get everyone, including staff, off site.  Please ensure that you have made contingency plans as to what to do if school has to be closed early.


Prolonged School Closure


If extreme weather conditions persist and it is impossible to open the school, we shall communicate information to you via:

  • TEXT/EMAIL Please ensure you update school if you change your mobile number or email address

This will be a very rare occurrence, so if you hear nothing, please assume the school is open.

Parents can also help by:

  • Contacting the school to forewarn us of worsening local weather conditions.


Closing the school is not an easy option and is a last resort. 


Your co-operation and understanding will be much appreciated.  If you have any questions or comments about these arrangements, please contact school